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Welcome to Vieste

Welcome to Vieste - Vieste for vacation - Your " home " in paradise -

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Maps territory  of  Vieste, descriptions hotels with direct booking  Map of Vieste

Its past records as series of colonisations and sackings by pirates and Turks, such as that by the cruel privateer Dragut Ra´s in 1554. The story recounts that he ordered the beheading of all the town's infirm and elderly, who could not be taken off and sold into slavery. About 5.000 "Viestani" were killed near the Cathedral, on a hummock that has taken the name of di chianga amara (biiler stone).
Thanks also to its port, today Vieste is the Gargano 's best-equipped and most popular tourist resorts, boasting a large number of coves and unspoiled bays as well as beaches with all the full seaside facilities.

The historical centre of Vieste. - Wander round the evocative side streets of the historical centre of Vieste where time seems to have stood still, following a route from which a hun-dred-year-old "Trabucco"-old timber structures used to cast fishing nets into the sea-leads to the heart of the old city. Cross the Piazza del Seggio to arrive at the "Chianca Amara"- bitter stone - which was the site in 1554 of the Saracen massacre. Continue towards the Cathedral to finish at the Swabian castle. Along the way, there are stops for tastings of local products.


The marine grottoes of  Vieste - The most evocative scenery is provided by the numerous and beautiful grottoes along the coast from Vieste to Mattinata.

To visit: Of great historical interest is its Romane-sque-Apulian style Cathedral which conserves admirable 16 -century art works, such as the wooden statue of Santa Maria dý Merino; then there is Frederick's Castle built in 1240. Moving on to archaeological sites, there is the Necropoli della Salata, with its tombs dug into the earthen and rock walls; and the historic centre, with its maze of narrow alleys, arches and whitewashed houses, in best Gargano architecture.

Curiosities: Legend has it that the venerated wooder statue of Santa Maria di Merino, conservÚe today in the Cathedral, was found on a beach between Vieste and Peschici and contended for by the two villages. But just when it was about to be taken to Peschici by cart, the horses refused to budge, so the statue's destiny was to remain forever in Vieste.
Dates: 2 April: Patronal Festival of San Giorgio 7/8/9/10 May: Feast of S. Maria di Merinc August: ViesteFilmFest (film festival)
Folk and religious  festivals

Gargano, better known as "the Spur of Italy" or "the Mountain in the sea", is a fascinating area and full of surprises, which is definitely worth visiting and discovering. If you have come here because you were attracted only by the landscape, we suggest you take advantage and discover something of the thousand-year-old edge of land.   Gargano park

The Tremiti islands - The green archipelago of the Tremiti islands explodes out of the blue of the water of the Adriatic: composed of 3 islets, it is an area that is still today an almost untouched and uncontaminated paradise. The breath-taking scenery is embellished by marine grottoes, hidden inlets, overhanging cuffs and pine forests of Aleppo pine trees. What dominates it all is the S. Nicola Benedictine Abbey-Fortress.  Tremiti Islands

The Umbra Forest  - first curious thing is the "umbra" name itself which has nothing to do with the green Umbria region, but which refers to "ombra" (shade), "dark", given that the area is thick with vegetation. Today Gargano is a
National Park the Umbra Forest is its heart, the point of reference. In addition to pleasant walks along cleared paths, you can visit the little
ake, the Daini park and the Forest Museum. -
Umbra forest

Praying with Padre Pio -   Gargano was already famous in the times of the Crusades because of the pilgrimages of soldiers from the Cathedral of the "Archangel Saint Michael " to Monte Sant'Angelo. Today the Gargano is also well known because of the mild Capuchin monk Padre Pio from Pietralcina who stopped off at San Giovanni Rotondo and lived here as a saint, thereby attracting millions of pilgrims from all corners of the world. Must sees are the Via Crucis, the Chiesa Antica (the Old Church), the Convent, the Chiesa Nuova (the New Church) and the very recent Church wished for by the same monk and designed recently by Renzo Piano. - Folk and religious  festivals

Last Minute hotel, village, residence, apartments in Vieste Last Minute Week End Pasquale. Appartamenti e case di vacanza. Last Minute in Vieste .


Residence a Vieste, Hotel e Pensioni a Vieste, Village e Camping a Vieste
Residence to Vieste Village Camping to Vieste

Appartamenti e case di vacanza.Residence to Vieste Appartamenti e case di vacanza.Village Camping to Vieste and Gargano. Appartamenti e case di vacanza.Hotel and Pensioni to Vieste ..........

Appartamenti e case di vacanza.See more
Appartamenti e case di vacanza.

Agriturismo a Vieste, Bed and Breakfast a Vieste Agriturismo  sul Gargano,Bed and Breakfast sul Gargano
Farm holidays in Vieste, Bed and Breakfast a Vieste

Farm holidays in Vieste, Bed and Breakfast a Vieste Appartamenti e case di vacanza.Farm holidays of Gargano , Bed and Breakfast in Gargano Appartamenti e case di vacanza. ..........

Appartamenti e case di vacanza.See more
Appartamenti e case di vacanza.


Tremiti Islands

La storia, le leggende, la posizione geografica delle Isole Tremiti Tremiti Islands
L'arcipelago delle Isole Tremiti Archipelago
Come arrivare alle Isole Tremiti How reach us
Gli hotel , i village, le pensioni, gli appartamenti e i ristoranti delle  Isole Tremiti Accommodations


Folk and religious  festivals

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