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Mountain bike a Vieste e sul Gargano

Con il suo inconfondibile paesaggio

The Gargano area, with its unmistakable landscape made by woods, olive grooves, hills, mountains and sea, is the best place for a  mountain bike vacation. Different landscape, tick natural route and the climate make Gargano land to discover. Foresta Umbra, one of the most important part of Gargano Park,  offers a perfect temperature for outdoor excursions. Several accommodations in Vieste, have stuff for every kind of mountain bikers.

For further information: www.garganobike.com

On Gargano area you can find several places organized for: windsurf, kite surf, horse ride back, tracking and guide for excursions.

Tour organized by GARGANO Bike




A program for beginner  and for who want to enjoy a bicycle day not too hard, on secondary regular roads.

 La murgia. Fascinating wood of Foresta Umbra. About Km. 30/mt. 200 steep street/half day/ rank difficulty 1-2/ it takes 3 hrs. Shuttle bus will take you close to Foresta Umbra, cross a beech trees area and you’ll start. In the afternoon: workshop.



La Dispensa. Old time places and hospitality.
About Km 35/mt. 450 steep street/whole day/rank difficulty 2-3/it takes 6 hrs.
Through Treasure Valley, we go up towards Torre Palermo and then go down to Masseria Sgarrazza where we’ll meet other groups and have a brunch by Franca & Antonio’s.


Vieste. Olives grooves, history and culture.
About Km 30/mt. 450 steep street/half day/rank difficulty 1-2/it takes 4 hrs.
A pleasant tour in Vieste, few seep streets through the old district. Olive oil tasting and back home.


Sfinale. On impressive Elia’s Trabucco.
About Km 45/mt. 650 steep street/whole day/rank difficulty 2-3/it takes 6 hrs. After a steep street towards Peschici, we go down along the cost to reach the sea and have lunch on Trabucco. The litoranea (sea road) will take us back home.


Cava di Tufo. Multicolored landscape.
About Km 35/mt. 550 steep street/half day/rank difficulty 2/it takes 4 hrs.
On the narrow streets, we cross the hills around Foresta Umbra where we can enjoy a wonderful view from Monte Chianconcello. In the evening we have a dinner in Vieste old







Routes medium –high difficlty through off road way in the wood. For Mountain bike lovers.


Falascone. Beech trees in Adriatic area.
About Km 35 / mt. 400 steep street / half day / rank difficulty 1-2 /it takes 3 hrs.
Wood, wood, and wood; this route will surprise us, we’ll see unusual trees in south of Italy. Narrow paths and pleasant slopes. Workshop after tour.


La Sgarrazza. Tipical Gargano’s Masseria.
About Km 47 / mt. 530 steep street / whole day / rank difficulty 2-3 /it takes 6 hrs.  
This day is dedicated to a fantastic meeting. After we cross the wood, meadows, countries and olive groves, we’ll meet Antonio and Franca and their goods: wine and caciocavallo cheese. We’ll enjoy them seeing a wonderful panorama. Technically, this excursion have medium difficulty  that starts in Foresta Umbra and foresees some demanding pieces of road.


Sfilzi. Hares and wild boars meeting point.
About Km 35 / mt. 680 steep street / half day / rank difficulty 3-4 /it takes 4 hrs.
We go up towards Baraconi, heart of Foresta Umbra, where we can meet wild boars. After a medium slope through oak trees, we’ll arrive in Vieste olive groves. Late afternoon we’ll visit a olive oil factory.


Il trabucco. Gargano’s wonders in one day
About Km 55 / mt. 950 steep street / whole day / rank difficulty 3 /it takes 6 hrs.
Today the king of routes with a particular goal: the Trabucco. It’s a symbol of Gargano, very old wood structure to fish. After pasta lunch, fisherman Elia will teach us how use the trabucco to fish, and the horizon will get us forget the effort we needed to arrive here.


Coppa Fusillo – “Tacca del lupo”
About Km 30 / mt. 480 steep street / half day / rank difficulty 2-3 /it takes 4 hrs.
We’ll reach mt. 600 high by shuttle bus close to Mattinata. After and impressive steep street there is a slope down will show you all that Gargano can offer. In the evening we’ll have dinner in Vieste old town.


Demanding routes that claim expert mountain bikers who are keep seeking challenges.


Coppa la macchia. Through the mint valley.
About Km 26 / mt. 650 steep street / half day / rank difficulty 3 / it takes 3 hrs.
From the beach we’ll move towards Foresta Umbra and quickly we are in the shadow of Pastinella. Technically, this excursion is pretty high. Workshop post tour.


Foresta Umbra. The heart of Garagno national park.
About Km 54 / mt. 650 steep street / whole day / rank difficulty 3-4 / it takes 6 hrs.
Day’s goal are landscape around San Salvatore. We’ll have a rest in Piero and Antonio’s masseria. They’ll show us caciocavallo cheese making and we’ll taste old delicious recipes.


Valle Coppa. The Macchia Caritate “mulattiere” (old narrow streets travelled by mules)
About Km 29 / mt. 700 steep street / half day / rank difficulty 4-5 / it takes 4 hrs.
High challenge with pretty hard difficulty, but very amazing. A route rich of “mulattiere” and steep path few kilometres from the sea. Visiting olive oil factory.


La Gatta. Oaks, beech trees and olive groves ‘till the sea. About Km 65 / mt. 1.300 steep street / whole day / rank difficulty 3-4 / it takes 6 hrs. Going towards Tacca del Lupo we’ll reach Monte Sacro to arrive on a wonderful meadow. In front of us huge countries surrounded by the Foresta Umbra. Then 15 km downhill towards Caritate to reach the finishing line where some others waiting for us to go to Trabucco.


Tre Confini. Straight to different lands.
About Km 36 / mt. 580 steep street / half day / rank difficulty 2-3 / it takes 4 hrs.
We go to mt 500 high by shuttle bus the direction of Mattinata and from there we start by bicycle towards Tre Cofini. We’ll have a downhill until Vieste hinterland and in the evening we’ll have dinner in old town.




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