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The lamb gut, well washed, wrapping parsley and cheese are very good grilled. More or less a finger big, they are “cazz'mare” cooked in the oven with potatoes. One better thing is “padasca”, it’s a kind of pocket got from the lamb stomach, filled up with eggs, pecorino cheese, parsley, and cooked in abundant tomato sauce:  the ragout that is obtained is optimal also on the paste.

Now we talk about fish. The best of cooked fish is soup fish that local people call “ciambott”. They use sea Gargano fish cooked with cherry tomatoes, onion, green pepper and other greens, everything cooked in olive oil. Others Gargano specialties are the spaghetti with the lobster gravy or eel, troccoli (long home made pasta) with the cuttlefish gravy. The cuttlefish are stuffed with bread, cheese, parsley, garlic and crushed meat. Other ways to cook the fish is grilled like gilthead bream, mullet, or fried like red mullet, eel. But you can cook all Gargano sea fish smoked, roasted or simply with olive oil and vinegar under the sun.

IThe typical sweeties are made during holidays.  For example Saint Giuseppe, March the 19th, they make the “zeppole”. It’s donut with cream and black cherry.   For Easter holiday there is the “scarcella”, it’s a decorated cake with sugar icing. There is a cake for the dead day, November the 2nd; it’s made with boiled wheat, “vinocotto”, cinnamon, candied fruits, chocolate chips, nuts and pomegranate.  Winter is also the “sanguinaccio” time, it’s blood of pig with sugar and cocoa. Christmas time is the triumph of sweeties. There are the “cartellate”, it’s a fried wine pasta with “vincotto” on the top; “Calzoncelli” are little fried pasta pocket stuffed with grapevine jam or chick beans jam.  Very important is “pizza alle sette sfoglie”, typical cake of Cerignola, is made by seven thin puff pastry stuffed with crushed nuts, chocolate chips and more other sweeties. .

Apulian wine boasts an ancient tradition that can count on some D.O.C. quite important (Saint Severo white, red and rosé;  Cacc' and Mitt of Lucera, Red Cerignola).  D.O.C. but not only:  today, Saint Severo and Lucera have young wines and sparkly wines really delicious.  The typical vines of this area are the grape of Troy and the “bambino”.  Others good quality wines are Lesina wine and the “Gargano moscato”.








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