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Folk and religious festivals

1-2-3/07 Rodi Garganico: Patron Saint festival of Maria Santissima della Libera and Saint Cristoforo

11/07 Mattinata: Saint Benedetto Abate. There is a kind of pilgrimage to Monte Sacro.

16/07 Monte Sant’Angelo Saint Maria del Carmine. Typical religious festival with procession and fireworks.

          Bovino: Madonna del Carmine. Religious festival.

20/07 Peschici Patron Saint Elia the Prophet. One of his miracle saved Peschici from grasshoppers invasion. In the evening there are fireworks that make local people very proud.

          San Menaio (Vico del Gargano’s hamlet): anchovies fair.

28/07 Lesina Fair of  eel.

Late July San Marco in Lamis “Gargano Cinema exhibition”. They play Italian movies, conferences, debates to promote the movie made in Italy.


During the month. Tremiti Islands: “Cinema sotto le stele” (cinema open air)

                              Arpicena: Bruschetta and other local goods fair. Folk music.

1 - 15/08 San Marco in Lamis: “Celanense August”. It’s a festivals developed in a suburb (Celano) three kilometres from San Marco in Lamis. There you see how they make milk goods like cheese and specially the “cagliata”. It’s a kind of ricotta cheese, soft and sweet. The best is enjoy it whit bread and wine.

3 – 10/08  Carpino: “Carpino folk festival” one of the most important folk music festival of Italy. Lots of popular singers of folk and pop music are hosted here.

12/08 Carpino:  Olive olio and broad beans fair. Here you can enjoy a local dish: broad beans no peeled with local chicory and fired sweet peppers, on the top olive oil. Folk music and dance for all day.

15/08 Temiti Islands: “Santa Maria a Mare”. A suggestive procession over the sea with fisherman’s boats that take the statue of  Other Mary all around the islands. At the end of the day there are fireworks.

15 – 16/08 Rignano Garganico: “Madonna del Pozzo” There is a very long procession that bring the holy statue from country chapel to the town to celebrate her.

23 – 24/08 Ischitella: Fish and mussels fair.

25/08 Bovino: Very old bruschetta and pettole fair. Pettole are a kind of pizza pasta fried. This event is dedicated to all emigrants who come back to this town, so they can enjoy again their town’s taste.

28 – 29/08 Bovino: Paron Saint festivals, Madonna di Valleverde.




Folk and religious  festivals

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