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Archeology in Apulia

As in other parts of Italy and of Europe, the signs of man's presence over 300,000 years ago have been found. In the Gargano, at the mouth of the Romandato, on the banks of the lake of Varano and at Venosa (which is in the Basilicata), were found traces of characteristic activities on pebbles and roughly-worked splinters of stone.

Apulia boasts the most impressive example of prehistoric painting in Italy — the hunting-scenes discovered in the caves of Porto Badisco near Otranto.

The forms of urban life that were developed in Apulia, which in the Neolithic age functioned as a stepping-stone between the world of the eastern Mediterranean and the Italian peninsula, can be traced especially on the coast of the gulf of Taranto.

There is rich and valuable evidence of the indigenous cultures called « daunia » in the province of Foggia, « peucetica » in Bari and « messapica » in Salento.





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