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The history - About 10 sea miles from the coast there are Tremiti Islands, a group of three small islands: San Domino. San Nicola and Caprara. Located in the most northern part, near the coast, San Domino is the widest and its name comes from an ancient church consecrated to the homonymous Saint; on the opposite there is San Nicola, from the Saint's name, whose cult spread in the Middle Age; on the most northern part Caprara lies and its name derives from capers, which are numerous in this area. On the opposite side of San Domino there is Cretaccio, un inhabited rock, where the legend say's that the ghost of a fugitive wanders through in the night. About 40 metres from Cretaccio there is Vecchia, another inhabited rock. The little archipelago also includes Pianosa, an uncontaminated and inhabited island. Architello. a rocky arch in the form of a swan-neck and Grottone, a deep hollow about 10 metres long and 25 metres high.
To visit : S. Domino, S. Nicola, Capraia, Fortezza della Badia, Tomba di Diomede, Architello, Grotta della Madonna, Grotta del Ferraio, Grotta del Sale, Grotta delle Viole, Grotta del Bue marino, 15-16 agosto: SS. Assunta (festa patronale con processione a mare su imbarcazioni).
Map  of Tremiti Islands
Why to visit - This wonderful archipelago is a tourist attraction well known for the crystalline transparency of its waters and the ever-mild climate. In fact, they are populated by a great number of tourists from April to October.You can visit beautiful Gales such as Cala degli Inglesi, Cala Matano, Cala dei Turchi, Cala degli Schiavoni. There are also a lot of Gaves, such as Grotta delle Viole, Grotta del Bue Marino near the lighthouse and Grotta del Sale, where it is said that some smugglers hid salt suppliers. In San Domino you can admire a lot of hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. and in San Nicola you can also visit the church of Santa Maria, in which Pope Gregory XII built an Abbey-fortress, in order fortify the little archipelago.
Legends and curiosities - Once known as "Insulse Diomedeae". named after the Greek hero buried on the island and said to return with the crv of the ssaegulls'"Diomedee", Tradition holds that the EmperosAugusto's niece Giulia died abbandoned here and eight centuries later, the historical figure Paolo Diacono was sent to the island in exile bv Carlo Magne. Documented history of the island began with the construction of the "Santa Maria a Mare" Abbey, established on the island of San Nicola by a hermit, enlarged by Benedettini monks and fortified by Carlo II D'Angio. Abbandoned following the raid by the blood-thirsty pirates of Almissa. exterminating the Monastic Community around the year 1300, the Abbey returned to it's ancient splendour with the arrival of the Canons Regolari Lateranensi of San Frcdiano. From then until 1783, the year the Abbey was closed and transformed in a Penal Colonv of Borboni.
The deep see - Just a few miles separate the caost of
GARGANO with the only Archipelago of the Italian Adriatic, where other than the populated beaches and bays, one will find crowds of skin-divers who from the very early hours of the morning explore the incredible floral and faunistic beauty of the sea. This National Park nature reserve with the desert island of Tianosa', situated a few miles from the surrounding islands, extremely well protected where no fishing or bathing is allowed, and only accessible for scientific studies, is the 'quintessenza' of Gargano. A boat trip among the marine caves, most famous being the 'Viole' where it's waters change colour with the reflections of the light, is only one of the many emotions to be experienced during a stay on the Tremiti Islands


HOTEL WAYKIKI - Isolotto San Domino n░2 -Tel. 0882 463305

ALBERGO LA PINETA  -  San Domino Tel.   0882/463202
HOTEL EDEN  -  San Domino  -Tel. 0882 463211
ALBERGO HOTEL KYRIE - v. San Domino - Isolotto San Domino -Tel. 0882 463241
ALBERGO HOTEL GABBIANO - p. Belvedere - San Domino -Tel. 0882 463410
ALBERGO HOTEL MALU' - villaggio San Domino
ALBERGO HOTEL S. DOMINO -Isolotto San Domino. n░4 -Tel. 0882 463404
ALBERGO LA BUSSOLA - Vili. Rurale - San Domino -Tel. 0882 463421
ALBERGO LE VIOLE - Loc. San Domino -1 0882 463312
ALBERGO MARE BLU - Loc. San Domino -Tel. 0882 463310
ALBERGO OASI - Loc. San Domino -Tel. 0882 463207
ALBERGO AL FARO - v. Cantina Sperimentale - San Domino -Tel. 0882 463424
HOTEL LA VELA - v, della Marina -Tel. 0882 463254
HOTEL PARADISO - v. Panorama - San Domino -Tel. 0882 463286
HOTEL VILLA OLIMPIA - Vili. San Domino (Lt. 711 - Isolotto San Domino -Tel. 0882 463489

PENSIONE AL FARO DI ANNAUSA LISCI e C - v. della Cantina Sperimentale - vili. S. Domino -Tel. 0882463424
PENSIONE ALBA - Loc. San Domino -1, 0882 463229
PENSIONE ALFARANO LAURA - villaggio San Domino
PENSIONE BELVEDERE DI S┬NTORO ARTURO - v. San Domino -Tel. 0882 463282 '
PENSIONE CORBEDDA IDA - villaggio San Domino
PENSIONE DA CARLUCCETTA - IsoTotto San Domino -Tel. 0882 -iˇ^ˇ-i
PENSIONE DE PETRIS DIANA - via Cala delle Arene -Tel.0882 463407
PENSIONE GIOVANNA - Pensione vili. Rurale - Isolotto San Domino -Tel. 0882 463213
PENSIONE IL GAMBERO "DAVINO NICOLA' - Cala delle Arene - San Domino
PENSIONE LA PINETA - Zona Eremita vili. San Domino (Lt,71) - kolotto San Domino -Tel. 0882 463202
PENSIONE LORUSSO ROSA - via Diomede - Praz, San Domino t. 0882 463279
PENSIONE SANT'ORO ARTURO - villaggio San Domino -Tel. 0882 463282
PENSIONE SCIUSCO TULLLA - piazzetta San Domino - ý. 0882 463423
TOURING CLUB ITALIA - isola San Domino -Tel. 0882 463401
VILLAGGIO TURISTICO INTERNAZIONALE - Loc. Punta del Diamante -Tel. 0882 463405




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