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Folk and religious festivals


23.04 Vieste: Saint George martyr. The day starts with bangers in the early morning, later the procession from the cathedral to Santa Maria delle Grazieís church where the celebrate the mass. Long time ago, local people used to eat a sandwich with omelette on the hill upon the church. After the statue of Saint George go back to the cathedral. In the afternoon there is a local horse racing to emulate Saint George who used to be a knight. In the evening music and fireworks.


25.04 San Marco in Lamis: San Marco celebration, procession and fair.

While Easter  time, holy Friday, San Marco in Lamis: Fracchie festival. This is a Easter celebration of penance kind. Along the main streets, giant torches (fracchie) goes and light all the city. At the end of the day they give an award to the best made ďfracchiaĒ (giant torch).

Last week end of April, Mattinata: Incoronata festival.


8-9.05 Rodi Garganico Orange festivals. Fair of local goods and show of folk bands. Itís a triumph of everything made with orange or lemon; youíll find liquors, cakes, salad, marmalades, risotto and chicken made or cooked with citrus fruit.

09.05 Vieste Santa Maria is a protector of Vieste with Saint George. This religious cult, very felt by local people, started when they found the statue of Saint Mary on the Scialmarino beach. Itís a beautiful wooden statue, maybe, abandoned by some Turkish ship. In the place they found it, a church  was, Santa Maria di Merino. The statue protected the little church from Turkish bombing, so local people decided to move it from there to the cathedral. Since then every year there is a very long procession from cathedral to Santa Maria di Merino church along the sea shore. At late night they bring it back to cathedral and as all religious festivals there are the fireworks; as well the day after too.




Folk and religious  festivals

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