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Outline History of Apulia


After the period of Greek domination, which in the course of the centuries became a cultural patrimony rather than a simple historical factor, came the more lengthy periods of  Roman conquest and latinization.

Under the Republic and the Empire, the people became mariners as well as agriculturalists, and this characteristic has remained in Apulia.

The passing of many centuries saw the Longobards, the Byzantines and the Normans.
The 12th century saw the great trading developments with East and North Africa, and the building of splendid Romanesque cathedrals.

Frederick II, who merged Apulia with the Kingdom of Sicily, gave such a stimulus to its economic and artistic life that the Swabian period was one of the most fruitful in Apulia's history. After his death in 1250, Apulia went into a very long period of decline.






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