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Ports and Landing-Places


A coastline 784 kilometres long (Apulia's coastline is longer than that of any other Italian region), becoming 829 kilometres with the addition of the two islands.

The journey begins in the north between the mouths of the Biferno and the Fortore on the Adriatic and stretches as far as Ginosa, towards ancient Metaponto, in the Ionian.

At the start of the journey there is a lighthouse and a loading wharf at Rodi Garganico
In the port of Peschici you can fill up with petrol and water.

At Vieste there is quite a well-equipped little port and at Pugnochiuso a lighthouse; here the sea is crystal-clear and unpolluted, and woods can be seen in the distance.

Mattinata has a small port and Manfrcdonia is a good landing-place.

Near Zapponeta stands the Torre Aloisa lighthouse and then come Margherita di Savoia, Barletta and Trani with its welcoming port.

Other ports worthy of mention are Santo Spirito, Palese, Bari, Torre a Mare, Mola di Bari with its shipyards, and Monopoli.

During the journey along the coast one passes through Savelletri, Torre Canne, Ostuni and the harbour of Brindisi.

Another harbour with a lighthouse is San Cataldo, then come the beaches of Lecce and San Foca (a fourth class port).

After Otranto one can stop at Castro, Tricase, Gallipoli, and welcoming Taranto with its wonderful gulf.



Tremiti Islands

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